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PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, set up for a practical demonstration of the long – held belief by its founders that Nigerian entrepreneurs could rise to the challenge of creating an indigenous company that would employ the best available technologies to give its clients in the offshore and energy industries, international standards of service and maximum satisfaction.
From its inception in 2006, the Company has worked assiduously to meet this goal. PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has been, and remains, committed to the basic philosophy of efficient service delivery – timely, on budget, safely, and responsibly. It has combined extensive local knowledge with selective foreign technical partnerships to create unique competence that few of its competitors, whether local or foreign, can match. The Company employs a general management approach that places great premium on innovation and creativity; it is thus able to respond in a dynamic and proactive manner to clients’ changing needs.

PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is involved in the following major areas of business:
➢ Fabrication and Welding
➢ Supply of Petroleum Products
➢ Marine Logistics
➢ Engineering – Civil Construction
➢ Human Resources Consultancy
➢ Equipment Leasing
➢ Technical Procurement
➢ Corrosion control
➢ Dry docking
➢ Dredging

From staff strength of 4 at commencement of business, PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is now the preferred employer of 15 highly motivated and dedicated full-time members of staff. Comprising a judicious mix of expatriates in specialist positions, senior level Nigerians and highly skilled employees in other categories, the Company’s workforce is fully reflective of its international outlook and technical orientation. A rigorous staff recruitment process, regular training and re-training ensure that at any one time,
PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has the right complement of qualified personnel to meet its operational requirements.
PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has worked in virtually every sector of the economy. Its clients include public sector organisations as well as operating and service companies in the energy industry. The range of clients’ assignments it has successfully executed includes bunkering, provision of marine logistics, construction engineering, supply of special fuels, etc.
PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is adequately capitalized and has the financial capability to meet its operational obligations. As a customer in good standing, the Company can also count on the support of its bankers in the execution of specific projects.
Scope of Services
PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a major supplier of petroleum products to major oil servicing company operating within the Niger Delta region.
Our major areas of specialisation includes but not limited to;
1. AGO
2. DPK
3. PMS
4. Engine oil, etc.

PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED handles operations as Marine Logistics and Support services provider. We are reputable for quality services, effectiveness and professional driven performance. With some of the finest creative hands in the industry, coupled with our strong international affiliation, we offer unparalleled cutting edge services with positive results and satisfaction to our clients.
Being new, in freight forwarding with the young and the dynamic team of vibrant professionals who seek to understand the effective management of consolidations and freight forwarding processes, we drive towards providing higher level of customer satisfaction.
We generally provide the following marine logistics services
❖ General utility/supply vessels
❖ Anchor handling tug supply vessels
❖ Emergency rescue vessels
❖ Offshore security vessels
❖ House boats, barges, tug boats, crew boats, etc.
❖ Dredging Services

PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED offers a complete range of civil engineering and related services to its clients:

Road Construction: – The Company’s capability in this area has been amply demonstrated by special terrain projects undertaken in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Special studies and designs to overcome natural constraints have also been undertaken for both private and public sector clients.
Building Construction: – Private houses, school blocks, hospitals, public buildings, solar powered water [bolehole] etc., are some of the building projects that PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has partaken, for clients.

Businesses rely on effective human resource management (HRM) to ensure that they hire and keep good employees and that they are able to respond to conflicts between workers and management.

PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED as Human Resources Consultants engages in rendering supply of quality and qualified manpower of all categories, skilled and unskilled, local and experts to corporate entities.
Our human resource consultancy services include but not limited to;
❖ Recruitment of qualified personnel for the oil and gas sector.
❖ Restructuring of companies for greater performance.
❖ Organisation of advancement trainings for staff of companies in the oil and gas sector.
❖ Human resource enhancement programmes for companies in the oil arid gas sector.

PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a household name heavy duty equipment leasing industry.
We lease heavy equipment for transportation, haulage, rig movement construction etc.
We have a rich collection of heavy duty equipment. The backbone of all our operations is our vast arid sophisticated range of vehicles and plants including heavy duty trucks, flatbeds, low-loaders, tractors, cranes, graders, excavators, welding machines etc., manufactured by respected names enabling to meet the ever increasing needs of the oil and gas sector of the economy.
We have dynamic, committed and experienced human resources made up of Nigerians arid expatriates; ó combination of tested and proven drivers, operators, heavy-duty mechanical and electrical engineers that ensure quality service and delivery.

The Company is well placed to handle technical procurement of a wide variety of equipment: Flanges, Valves, Tees, Pumps, Assorted Machinery, Equipment and Spares. Apart from its complement of highly qualified technical personnel, PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED operates a Joint Venture with Messrs Intelligent Global Inc. of USA who represents a large number of reputable manufacturers of specialised arid high quality technical tools and equipment. It therefore has direct access to equipment manufacturers and can ensure that it supplies genuine components and parts.

By our very nature, the services, we offer can be effectively delivered only through the use of specialised equipment. Accordingly, the Company has invested heavily in a wide range of expensive equipment; most of which are on station at various locations for immediate mobilization. In addition to such on-station items of. Equipment, PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has put in place Joint Venture arrangements, alliances and agencies to ensure that whenever the need arises, it can have access to whatever items of equipment required performing our operational needs. Indeed, this is the primary purpose of the joint ventures and partnerships that PUTAG INDUSTRIAL TIPS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has built-up over the years. Such arrangements are a continuing and foundational aspect of operational policy of the Company and so also is the policy on the acquisition of new equipment.

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